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Đầu phun Sprinkler Tyco quay xuống TY3551/3531

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  • Light hazard/Ordinary hazard
  • Concealed in an enclosed escutcheon plate with flat cover for use in those applications where aesthetics is a primary consideration
  • Separable, two-piece design of the mounting cup and cover plate allows installation of the sprinklers and pressure testing of the fire protection system prior to installation of a suspended ceiling or application of the finish coating to a fixed ceiling
  • Internally threaded closure with 1/2" (12,7 mm) of adjustment
  • Available with optional dust and air seal
  • Custom paint cover plates available

Match your sprinkler cover plates to provide a seamless, discreet design option. With the Tyco custom paint process, cover plates can be painted in a variety of popular finishes.

How It Works

  1. Choose the cover plate model for the selected sprinkler
  2. Submit a Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, or RAL paint code; you may also mail a sample or swatch from any paint manufacturer to Tyco
  3. Upon receiving the sample, Tyco matches the sample and creates the custom paint
  4. Your cover plate(s) are painted and shipped to you
Nhóm Sản Phẩm: Đầu Phun Tyco

Series RFII — 5.6 K-factor “Royal Flush II” Concealed Pendent Sprinklers Quick & Standard Response, Standard Coverage

Sprinkler Identifcation Number (SIN)
TY3531 — 3 mm bulb
TY3551 — 5 mm bulb

Sprinkler Approvals
Approvals apply only to the service conditions indicated in the Design Criteria section.

•    TY3531  (3-mm  Bulb)  is  UL  Listed, C-UL Listed, VdS Approved  (Certificate No. G4090007), and NYC Approved (MEA 353-01-E) as Quick Response.
•    TY3531  (3-mm  Bulb)  is  FM  and LPCB Approved  (Ref. No. 094a/10) Approved as Standard Response. Factory  Mutual  and  LPCB  do  not approve any concealed sprinklers for quick response.
•    TY3551  (5-mm  Bulb)  is  UL  Listed, C-UL  Listed,  FM  Approved,  LPCB Approved  (Ref. No. 094a/9), and NYC Approved (MEA 353-01-E) as Standard Response.

Approvals for Air and Dust Seal
UL  and C-UL  Listed  for  use with  the RFII Standard Response Concealed Sprinkler (TY3551).


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