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Đầu phun Sprinkler Tyco quay lên,xuống TY8191/9191

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  • TY-B: 5 mm diameter heat sensitive glass bulb, standard response
  • TY-FRB: 3 mm diameter heat sensitive glass bulb, quick response
  • Corrosion resistant, standard coverage spray sprinklers designed for use in commercial occupancies where corrosive atmospheres may exist
  • Alternate materials of construction (Stainless Steel, SMO, or Titanium) are utilized to extend the life of a sprinkler beyond that which might be expected of copper alloy sprinklers exposed to corrosive atmospheres
  • (SMO = stainless-molybdenum alloyed)


Nhóm Sản Phẩm: Đầu Phun Tyco

Series TY-B and TY-FRB Sprinklers
Alternate Materials Of Construction
Stainless Steel, SMO, and Titanium

Stainless Steel-Standard Response
TY8191 - Upright 5.6K, 1/2"NPT
TY8291 - Pendent 5.6K, 1/2"NPT
TY9191 - Upright 8.0K, 3/4"NPT
TY9291 - Pendent 8.0K, 3/4"NPT

Hazard: All
Temperature: 135, 155, 175, 200, 286, 360
Thread: 1/2", 3/4"
Approval: UL, C-UL, LPCB, Lloyds, LPCB
Response: Standard Response, Quick Response
SIN Numbers: TY8191, TY8181, TY8281, TY8681, TY8381, TY8481, TY8182, TY8282, TY8682, TY8382, TY8482, TY8183, TY8283, TY8683, TY8383, TY8493, TY8393, TY8693, TY8291, TY8691, TY8391, TY8491, TY8192, TY8292, TY8692, TY8392, TY8293, TY8193, TY8483, TY8492, TY9181, TY9281, TY9291, TY9191, TY9681, TY9691
Wrench: W6
Wrench [Recessed]: , W7
Tech Data Sheet: View TFP680

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