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Đầu phun Sprinkler Tyco quay lên, xuống TY5151

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  • Extra large orifice sprinklers proven for storage occupancies through full-scale fire testing
  • Designed to control high challenge fires with relatively low required pressures
  • Can be used as intermediate level version by adding a guard and shield
Nhóm Sản Phẩm: Đầu Phun Tyco

Series ELO-231B — 11.2 K-factor Upright and Pendent Sprinklers Standard Response, Standard Coverage

Model/Sprinkler Identification Numbers
TY5151 - Upright 11.2K, 3/4"NPT
TY5251 - Pendent 11.2K, 3/4"NPT
TY5851 - Upright 11.2K, 1/2"NPT
TY5151 is a redesignation for C5151.
TY5251 is a redesignation for C5251,G1871, and S2531.
TY5851 is a redesignation for C5851.

UL and C-UL Listed. FM and NYC Approved. (Refer to Table A for complete approval information including corrosion resistant status. The approvalsapply to the service conditions indicated in the Design Criteria section.)

Hazard: Storage
Temperature: 155, 200, 286
Thread: 1/2", 3/4"
Approval: UL, C-UL, FM, NYC
Response: Standard Response
SIN Numbers: TY5851, TY5151, TY5251
Wrench: W3
Wrench [Recessed]:
Tech Data Sheet: View TFP342

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