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Đầu phun Sprinkler Tyco quay lên, xuống, ngang TY3281

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  • Quick Response
  • Standard and Extended Coverage
  • Designed for use in areas such as correctional, detention, and mental health care facilities as well as other commercial buildings
  • Both the pendent and horizontal sidewall styles are available for standard or extended coverage applications
  • Tamper-resistant features
  • 175 psi (12,1 bar)
Nhóm Sản Phẩm: Đầu Phun Tyco

RAVEN 5.6K Institutional Sprinklers Pendent and Horizontal Sidewall Quick Response, Standard and Extended Coverage

Sprinkler Identifcation Numbers (SINs)
TY3281     Black              Pendent Standard Coverage
TY3282     Green             Pendent  Extended Coverage
TY3381     Red                HSW Standard Coverage
TY3382     Purple             HSW Extended Coverage
* Refer to Figures 1 through 4 for SIN Color Dot location.

UL and C-UL Listed


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