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  • Standard Response, Extended Coverage Ordinary Hazard (ECOH) Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers are decorative glass bulb sprinklers designed for use in ordinary hazard occupancies per NFPA 13
  • SW-20 Listed to a 16Ft. (4,9 m) wide and a 20Ft. (6,1 m) throw maximum coverage area
  • SW-24 Listed to a 16Ft.- (4,9 m) wide and a 24Ft. (7,3 m) throw maximum coverage area
Nhóm Sản Phẩm: Đầu Phun Tyco

Model SW-20 and SW-24 — 11.2 K-factor Extended Coverage Ordinary Hazard Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers (Standard Response)

Sprinkler Identifcation Number (SIN)
TY5332 - SW-20 
TY5337 - SW-24
TY5332 is a redesignation for C5332.
TY5337 is a redesignation for C5337.

Technical  Data
UL and C-UL Listed  (Refer to the Design Criteria Section)
Polyester coated sprinklers are UL and C-UL Listed as Corrosion Resistant Sprinklers.
NYC under MEA 177-03-E.

Hazard: Ordinary Hazard
Temperature: 155, 200, 200
Thread: 3/4"
Approval: UL, C-UL, NYC, C-ULL
Response: Standard Response
SIN Numbers: TY5332, TY5337
Wrench: W3
Tech Data Sheet: View TFP230

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